Air Conveyor



Working Concept

  1. Used for conveying PET or PP plastic bottles with the same neck flap and preforms shape.
  2. Use the bottle conveyor from the source machine to forward to Station.
  3. The bottle neck carrying system can be combined with other sized bottles of the same Preforms shape by adjusting the rail distance beside the bottle to the width. In the specified distance.
  4. Conveys the bottles to move using the air blowing system on the bottles.

General Information

  1. Receive bottles from a bottle sorting machine or other bottle preparation machine. Continue to send into the packing machine or station.
  2. The bottle will be carried on the neck of the winged bottle on the rail, carrying the bottle neck and moving with the blowing air force at the bottle according to the specified wind force, with the Side Guide supporting the bottle body.
  3. The bottle will move until the Feed Screw of the packing machine or in the next Station.