Why us

Why us

Because we are experts with 30 years of experience

Why Us?

Delmax Machinery Gain extensive trust from customers in leading industry groups. To create machinery And parts with a base Section With direct consultation And fast service Taking into account the highest customer satisfaction.

With over 30 years of experience, Delmax Machinery Continuously develop technology This is to maintain market leadership in the country. And is one of the leading companies in the world all the time.

Due to the packaging technology that was developed and Changed quickly every day Causing the engineering department of Del Max Machinery Much with experience in design with AutoCAD and Solid Work, the more design is needed. And the process of continuous machine production Go with the advice of the department R&D, both the data seeker and the research to always test the production of new technology. As for customer support, engineering and foreign subjects are ready to give advice. And data analysis before the decision for the management level to inspect the factory To expand production capacity and settingsNew line correctly And the most cost effective To provide training, how to use and maintain machinery for your employees.

Delmax Machinery There is a policy to help customers every time when problems arise. Because we understand that every minute of production is valuable, so Del Max Machinery So prepared a after-sales service team That’s a lot with experience Trouble to solve problems Access your locationWith speed And ready with all modern tools For your maximum satisfaction.