Working Concept

  1. Use only for bottles, glass bottles / PET or PP with strong cylindrical shapes.
  2. Used to close the label on the side of the bottle in 1 position.
  3. Use with paper form Attaches to bottles by glue that has proper viscosity.
  4. Labeling machine Compatible with Top Chain Belt Set.

General Information

  1. Bottles are conveyed to the labeling machine by a Top Chain belt set to a feed screw set.
  2. The feed screw separates the distance between each bottle to deliver it to the labeling position.
  3. When entering the labeling position and the bottle runs through Sensor, the label dispenser will order the glue to be applied on the label.
  4. After the label has been glued At the same time the bottle moves on the conveyor belt. to the labeling point on the side of the bottle.
  5. After the label has started to attach to the side of the bottle The bottle will rotate into the sponge set to iron the label to attach it closely to the bottle.
  6. When finished, will be taken to the Top Chain Conveyor belt to continue the Station.