Wrap Around


เครื่องขึ้นรูปกล่อง พร้อมปิดผนึก

Working Concept

  1. Used to pack bottles that have been wrapped in plastic or to combine bottles into packs. into a paper box Ready to seal the box with heat.
  2. The machine will form the prepared paper box into a sheet and package the bottle according to the desired size.

General Information

  1. Prepare the sheet paper box into the Magazine set to wait for packing and forming the box.
  2. The cardboard sheets will be transported to the packing and forming point.
  3. Packaged bottled products are transported into a box packing machine and placed on a cardboard sheet.
  4. The paper box will be molded to the desired size and bottle wrapped for packing.
  5. The automatic scratch sowing machine will sag the scratch at the specified point. To seal the box to the desired size.
  6. Once the box has been closed Will be transported to the station.