Inline Weight Filler


Working Concept

  1. Used for gallons Or large and strong containers
  2. The machine operates with a straight row semi-automatic system.
  3. Weighing system packing machine.
  4. Compact, suitable for small factories with limited space or laboratories
  5. Suitable for cost products Or high value that wants to save the weight of the product to lose the least.

General Information

  1. Employees put a gallon On the base according to the packing position for each head.
  2. When the gallon is in position The press staff switch to start working on the Tear machine, the weight of the package is out and the packing starts.
  3. After packing according to the desired weight, the packing head will be lifted.
  4. After packing, the set The staff will pluck the gallon on the right side to enter the station.