filler vacuum filling


Working Concept

  1. The bottle runs through Air Conveyor, sent to the machine.
  2. The bottles are arranged periodically into the Gripper to wash inside the bottles.
  3. The washed bottle is sent through the Neck Star Wheel to the packing machine.
  4. After packing to the desired level, it will be sent to the lid machine.
  5. When the lid is closed, it will be taken down to the Top Chain belt to continue the Station.

General Information

 1.  To wash the bottle, pack and cover the PET bottle with drinking water.
 2. Used for PET or PP bottles with strong bottle wings.
 3. Used for Plastic Screw Cap.
 4. Rotary automation machine by bottle washer The filling machine is on the same base table to save work space.
 5. Gravity and Level Control System Packing Machine