Index Capper


เครื่องปิดฝาระบบ Index

Working Concept

  1. Used for capping strong PET / PE / PP bottles.
  2. The working system of the machine is Indexing Table type by capping one bottle at a time.
  3. The system is used for cap sorting and capping of press cap type.
  4. Automatic lid and lid screening

General Information

  1. Bottles will be conveyed by Top Chain conveyor to deliver to the Star Wheel set one bottle at a time.
  2. Star Wheel takes the bottle to the closed head position by 1 bottle of Indexing Table.
  3. The lid after being screened will be transported along the rail to deliver the lid.
  4. Bottle after receiving the cap from the cap delivery rail The cap head closes the cap tightly.
  5. When the head is finished covering the lid, it will be lifted back to its original position.
  6. Star Wheel will continue to take the bottle out into the conveyor belt to Station.